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Sigma Kappa Alumnae

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This community is for the Alumnae (or soon to be Alumnae) of Sigma Kappa. Hopefully we will be able to use this community to share ideas and support for all the Alumnae across the nation. Anyone is welcome to join if you share the same interests! Please introduce yourself once you have joined!

Purpose of Sigma Kappa Membership

The purpose of Sigma Kappa Sorority is to unite its members in a bond of sincere friendship for the development of character and the promotion of social, literary, and intellectual culture to support and further the program and objectives of the colleges where its chapters are functioning; to strive for high standards of achievement-scholastically, socially, and spiritually; and to make a constructive contribution to the communities in which its collegiate and alumnae clubs are located by encouraging the exercise of the rights and obligations of good citizens and the support of worthwhile civic, social and philanthropic projects.

Sigma Kappa Sorority Mission Statement

Sigma Kappa Sorority is a social organization of collegiate and alumnae women committed to promoting the ideals of life-long friendship, intellectual and spiritual fulfillment and service for the greater good.

Sigma Kappa Sorority Vision Statement

The vision of Sigma Kappa is to be a premiere Sorority, forever achieving excellence in our chapters and among our members and influencing the lives of others.

When a boy first left for school,
His dad gave him some advice:
"You can date every DZ,
But bring home a Sigma Kappa for a wife.
You can party with the Alpha Xi
And it's fine to kiss a Chi O
But when it's time to marry
Be sure to find a Sigma Kappa.
We want you to enjoy these years
And give all sororities a spin,
But never buy a ring unless Sigma Kappa on her pin.
During your years of college
You'll go from one house to another
But take advice from your smilin' ole dad
And bring a Sigma Kappa home to your mother.

Thanks to xylochick216 for this awesome banner!!!
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