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I just wanted to say hello to all the alums. I just went through Order last night so now I am an alum. I'm happy about this but also sad to leave.
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Please vote for a SK Sister, Andrea, at

Dear Sigma Kappa Sisters,

I'm a Sigma Kappa from Theta Tau and the current SK NOVA Alumnae VP of membership, I am getting married and just found out that my fiancé and I are finalist in a wedding contest on the GAC TV network out of thousands of couples and will win an all expenses paid dream wedding and honeymoon...AND WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

Please visit

The page also explains the details if you are interested. You can vote one time EACH DAY between now and April 15th and any support you or your chapters can offere would be VERY appreciated!

Please consider forwarding the link to your contacts with a note asking them to vote for Andrea and Jason and support us! Any help would be so appreciated as it's YOU who will allow us to make this dream come true.

It only takes a minute!. Thanks in advance for any support you can offer.

Sigma Love,
Andrea Jill Ball
Theta Tau '94
NOVA Alumnae VP of Membership

PS. We were just emailed the following information from GAC...I wanted to alert you to something with the voting page for the GAC wedding. Right now, it won't allow more than one vote per IP address, so if your coworkers try to vote, only the first person will be able to vote on networked computers, the rest will receive a message as if they've already voted. We are fixing the problem but in the meantime, please encourage your voters to use a different computer if they receive a message saying they've already voted.
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Sigma K's on the Today Show

Hi everyone!

I'm Tiffany, and I'm an alumna of the Beta Xi chapter at the University of Memphis. I just joined this group, as I'm just getting into LJ for the first time. :)

Anyway, just wanted to drop a note because I was watching the Today Show this morning and saw a few girls in the crowd holding up signs that had our letters on them. I didn't see if they had a chapter on them or not, but it was cool seeing our girls, anyway. :)

Well that's it for now! Take care!


well girls,
this past weekend I was at a conference for work. I'm a store manager and once a year, all the store managers for my company get together for a conference. Throughout the year, all the managers are competing against the other managers (store are grouped by volume) for an awesome trip. This year it is to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is the time when next year's trip is announced too. Next year the trip is to Dublin, Ireland. When this was announced, 4 bagpipers came out and played a bunch of songs. It was really cool...I love bagpipes but this made it so much more special and I wish there were other SK's there to share this moment with me. The last song that the piper's played was the tune of the song we sing at the end of chapter meetings. It totally caught me off guard and I'm sure the color drained from my face...I sang the words in my head and probably had a goofy smile on my face. I just wish there was another SK there to give that knowing look to.
I had to share this story with you gals!
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Alumnae Chapters

Just wondering about joining alumnae chapters. My little (who had been VPAR at one point) says that the first year after you graduate, your alumnae dues are free. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.

Dove love,
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Hi All!

I'm an alum from Zeta chapter (The George Washington University) and I just joined so thought I'd introduce myself. A little about me, I moved to DC to attend GW and didn't leave for several years. I recently moved to Savannah, GA and find myself spending more and more time online until I make friends here. :)

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Alzheimer's research/stem cells

As I live in the DC area (very close to Andrews AFB, to where former President Reagan's body was flown yesterday), the funeral has very much been local news for me.  Reading through the Washington Post this morning, I saw this article, which I thought would be of interest to Sigmas.

Collapse )

I personally am for stem cell research, but I thought that, because Alzheimer's is one of our philanthropies, the information in this article was relevant to all sisters, regardless of their stance on the issue.

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So, who is looking to get involved w/ recruitment for the new Fall semester? I'm in the middle of a project @ work but recruitment starts on a Sunday so hopefully I'll be able to help at least one day!

Last year I helped on Sunday (when the PNM's visit all 13 houses) & then I helped Friday to count the bids! That was such an emotional day for me as I received a bunch of cards that had Sigma Kappa on it! Last year over 800 girls went through rush & Sigma Kappa reached quota! Hopefully this year will be just as good!

Does anyone else plan to help their local chapter?