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Please vote for a SK Sister, Andrea, at

Dear Sigma Kappa Sisters,

I'm a Sigma Kappa from Theta Tau and the current SK NOVA Alumnae VP of membership, I am getting married and just found out that my fiancé and I are finalist in a wedding contest on the GAC TV network out of thousands of couples and will win an all expenses paid dream wedding and honeymoon...AND WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

Please visit

The page also explains the details if you are interested. You can vote one time EACH DAY between now and April 15th and any support you or your chapters can offere would be VERY appreciated!

Please consider forwarding the link to your contacts with a note asking them to vote for Andrea and Jason and support us! Any help would be so appreciated as it's YOU who will allow us to make this dream come true.

It only takes a minute!. Thanks in advance for any support you can offer.

Sigma Love,
Andrea Jill Ball
Theta Tau '94
NOVA Alumnae VP of Membership

PS. We were just emailed the following information from GAC...I wanted to alert you to something with the voting page for the GAC wedding. Right now, it won't allow more than one vote per IP address, so if your coworkers try to vote, only the first person will be able to vote on networked computers, the rest will receive a message as if they've already voted. We are fixing the problem but in the meantime, please encourage your voters to use a different computer if they receive a message saying they've already voted.
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