L.A. Sisters: Come see my latest show!

If anyone is going to be in the Los Angeles area between now and May 13....I'm going to be performing in Layon Gray's "Diary of a Catholic School Girl Dropout" for the next 4 Sundays at The Avery Schreiber Theater in North Hollywood.

"Diary of a Catholic School Girl Dropout" (2005 ADA Award, 2005 NAACP Nomination)
Sundays, April 22-May 13th 5pm
Avery Schreiber Theater, 11050 Magnolia Blvd (between Lankershim & Vineland), North Hollywood
Tickets: $15; groups of 5 or more $10
Reservations: 323-769-5090

PS: FYI, this show is a bit controversial and deals with rape, molestation, abuse and suicide, so if this make you uncomfortable, you might want to take a pass. definitely not a show for the kiddies either.

I'm in the Triangle

FYI, if you look on page 5 of the most recent Triangle, I'm in the Sigma Kappas here and there section with a short write up about all the acting & modeling stuff I've been doing recently. Just thought I'd share.
Badtz Maru

The triangle

AHHHH I'm so excited!!!

Page 13 of the triangle rocking the RedSox and Yankees shirts are two amazing Beta Eta chapter members!!!
We have only had maybe two pictures in the triangle since I became a member in 2001! This is so excited and my sisters are so hot!! :D

Sorry, just a little excited.
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Sigma Kappa, sorority

Traveling to Brussels

I am headed to Brussels 10/12-21.  I have a place to stay and people to travel w/ from 10/15 on, but I'm looking for someone to spend the first few days w/ me.  I don't want the person to be a complete stranger, so I thought a Sigma Kappa would be perfect.  Does anyone know of any SKs who are studying in Brussels this semester or who have moved to Brussels?  I'm sure it's a long shot, but I thought I'd ask.

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I'm in the Triangle!  I'm one of the alumnae who took the Capitol tour on Founders' Day.  I'm the 2nd on the left.

Congrats to Zeta for reaching 100 years.  Thanks also to Beta Zeta, who also planned the Founders' Day celebration, and who has welcomed me as a rush helper for the last two years.  Even tho I grew up in the DC area, it's made a Delta Chapter alum feel at home here.

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Talk About My Life


Without giving anything away in case we're still not allowed to officially say anything, I'd like to say


If you're not sure what I'm referring too, check out the For Sisters Only section of the national website. We're truly amazing!

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Thought i'd introduce myself. I'm Melissa, a 2002 graduate of the delta delta chapter at Central Michigan University. I'm currently in Boston in my last year of law school, and advised our chapter at MIT for two years. I just stumbled across this community, and am excited to join!:)